Alistair McIntyre

Kris’ Right-hand Man.

Alistair moved to Houston from Aberdeen, Scotland in ’97, which really explains a lot more than just his odd accent and incessant overuse of the letter ‘u’.

After graduating from the University of Texas with a B.S. in electrical engineering, Alistair embarked on a career in oil and gas.  During this time, he picked up drumming and quickly joined the Tomfooligans, but even Celtic rock music wasn’t enough of a creative outlet, so he started writing stories for his friends at work.

Those same friends helped develop and edit PHALANX ALPHA, which became Alistair’s first published work after he joined forces with Kris Kramer at The 4th Realm and transformed PHALANX ALPHA into an action-packed tale of what happens when things look too good to be true.

Since then, he has written and published three more thrillers on Amazon and coauthored the first four RISE OF CITHRIA books. He currently has more irons in the fire than he knows what to do with, but rest assured, even his one-year-old twin boys can’t keep him out of the writing game for long.

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Published Work

Phalanx AlphaAmazon

Engineer – A Sigma Sector StoryAmazon

Shallow Creek – Brendan Rhodes Series Book 1Amazon
Shallow Grave – Brendan Rhodes Series Book 2Amazon

The Chosen – Rise of Cithria Series Book 1Smashwords/Amazon
The Descent – Rise of Cithria Series Book 2Amazon
The Breaking – Rise of Cithria Series Book 3Amazon
The Master – Rise of Cithria Series Book 4Amazon

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