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All Con X Panel Discussion

Just a reminder to everyone that we’ll be hosting a Q&A panel at AllCon X this weekend here in Dallas.


The Curse of Self-Publishing – Day 14

I see you covered your webcam with a folded piece of paper. Good move. There are some real jerks out


The Curse of Self-Publishing – Day 13

On a break from writing my next bestseller, I couldn’t help notice you typing away feverishly, your face contorted in


The Curse of Self-Publishing – Day 12

Great, you’re crying again. What is it now? Oh, another harsh review. That’s almost one per sale, right? All three


The Curse of Self-Publishing – Day 11

Today I’m going to really focus in on the hazards of boating in a sharknado— Why are you crying? The


The Curse of Self-Publishing – Day 10

Time to get back to writing the latest in my over-critically acclaimed web series, Things My Children Have Jammed into


The Curse of Self-Publishing – Day 9

Still only a few sales, huh? Sounds like people can’t find your ebook in amongst the mass of refuse called


The Curse of Self-Publishing – Day 8

Congratulations, you got your first review! I mean, the first review from someone who’s not obviously related to you. How


The Curse of Self-Publishing – Day 7

Faithful legions, I appreciate your attentive dedication to the wisdom I earned in 2013. Your path varies from mine, but


The Curse of Self-Publishing – Day 6

I lied again. You’re not going to make it. The plane’s nose is down, the pilot’s dead, and the copilot


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