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A Defense of Self-Published Books

It’s rare for me to find an article about book publishing that makes me angry enough to write up a


Explaining Kindle Unlimited Rankings and Sales

Since the introduction of the Kindle Unlimited program by Amazon, I’ve been asked by a few folks how KU affects


Writers 4 Readers – Our first event

It’s time to pass along some big news! For the last six months, we’ve been planning a launch party to


Book 4 Sneak Preview

I’m terrible at keeping secrets, which is why instead of waiting until we’re closer to publication of the book, I’m


Free Books!

If you’re still waiting to hop on the Cithria or Lore Valley bandwagon, then you’re in luck. For at least


The Races of Andua

Everyone knows what an elf should look like, but some of the other races mentioned in the Rise of Cithria


Natalie Portman, Mary Mother of Jesus and Other Skanks

My dear friend Russell loves having opinions that set him apart from society.  He’s a trailblazer, really, finding avenues of


King Konrath

JA Konrath. Jack Kilborn. Melinda Duchamp. Who knows how many other pen names the guy is using? But that doesn’t


Amazon vs. Hachette – Time to Weigh In

Some of what I’m about to tell you will seem beyond far-fetched. You’ll probably think I’m lying, and some of


Comicpalooza Part 2

See Part 1 – Dallas Comic Con here… (Author’s note: Tomorrow turned into several weeks later thanks to some unforeseen


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We love to write and we hope you love to read. Check out our current books below and be sure to grab a few while you're at it!

  • Sanctuary

    A dark, historical fantasy novel by Kris Kramer. First in the Dominion series.

  • Phalanx Alpha

    An expansive sci-fi thriller from Alistair McIntyre.

  • The Chosen

    The first book in our epic fantasy series, the Rise of Cithria. Written by Kris Kramer, Alistair McIntyre, and Patrick Underhill.

  • The Extraction

    Some over-the-top crime fiction fun from Kris Kramer. Book 1 of The Organization.

  • Shallow Creek

    A west Texas thriller written by our resident Scot, Alistair McIntyre.

  • The Wind Riders

    A young adult fantasy from Kris Kramer. First in the Tales of the Lore Valley series.

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